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FreshService Chat - please can it made available

Hello, please may we request the chat service that the FreshService support team use is included in the Estate plan/made available for our internal users/requestors.

This is increasingly a common way of interacting with users



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I would like to add my voice to this addition to Freshservice. You guys have a great product here and I appreciate we can hack around a solution, but I would say this functionality is critical. 

I would also be careful on making promises before you can deliver them. My first mentor always said under promise and overdeliver otherwise it causes unnecessary frustration with your customers. For example saying a year ago it's a top priority / highest for the development team and then clearly releasing other functionality to Freshservice first means it was not top of the list for your development team. 

I would encourage you to just say, we acknowledge it's important to you and we will make sure the strategic development team are aware of it. With all that said you guys have a fantastic product here that has a cost/benefit that few competitors have. 

Keep up the good work and grateful for an update on the chat service.


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