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Additional Ticket Types, or Other Entry Types

Would be good to have these additional ticket types, or entry types under an "Other" section which may make more sense:

- Project

- Task

- Improvement

I currently have these item types in FreshService and it doesn't work well (use tags or a description in the title to differentiate). These particular things have differences from incidents and service requests. Different field requirements, tend to last longer than tickets, different SLA requirements, and different purposes.

I think it would be useful to have these for these benefits

- Will become more holistic for the management of time for IT staff. Option to use FreshService as a complete task and time management system

- Can time track all this in a single system

- SLA respect for Incidents and Service Requests only

- Separation and filtering

- Improvements could form a Continual Service Improvement (CSI) register

- Can link all those items to CIs, tickets, change requests etc for data, context, and reporting

- API magic

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Another type that could be useful: Maintenance

Designed for ongoing maintenance tasks. A single entry for each maintenance task (eg: check server hard drive space). Set it to send reminders every so often, or when maintenance is due.

Advantages to this over other solutions (such as recurring incident tickets):

- A maintenance entry can flag an incident which you can attach to the entry

- Historical information on a task for review

- Time tracking on a maintenance task, may be an indicator for an improvement if a lot of time is spent on a particular maintenance task

- link CIs. Lets you better delegate maintenance to someone who usually doesn't perform the task, and provides info on the CI page of maintenance that gets performed on it

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Very Good suggestion. Should be able to add custom types.

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Same here . - any movement on this?

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Was trying to find a way to do this when I came across this post.  I was hoping it was just that I couldn't find where it was at to add them, but looks like it's not possible yet??

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100% agree. We are trying to figure out where to add these type of 'tickets' also, as our IT Team does all aspects, not just ICT Support (Incidents/Service Requests).

My current thinking, for now, is to create a new ticket status for Project, Task, Maintenance and pause the SLAs on them, in hope to be able to separate them out somewhat.

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I agree it would make thing dramatically easier if we could have additional types like ServiceNow. With Service now we had Incidents, Task, Service Request, Question etc. Is there a ETA for onboarding this feature?

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Potential new customer, disappointed that it seems like you cant add an additional ticket type. I want to have a type called 'Event' for event management. I might have to add this as a category which isn't ideal.

Additional ticket types seems like a fairly easy change to implement.

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Upvote - Additional ticket types = must have

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Upvote. Not everything fits neatly into 'incident' or 'service request' and it would be great to be able to customize types like we can most other things in FS.

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