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Advanced Request Searches

We would like the ability to be able to search by the custom fields added to service catalog requests. For example John smith raises a new starter request where the name of the new starter is Joe Blogs. We receive a call from one of John Smiths colleagues chasing the ticket but we are unable to search for the name Joe Blogs.

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This would be great for us. We have users who enter in incidents because they cannot search requests and find the information in the custom fields on our portal.

Hi Sean

Can you elaborate on this use case please.



Absolutely! We have a custom field for many of our Application catalog items. This is a drop down field with roughly 4 to 5 items in it. On our home portal page where the search bar is, my users want to be able to search for an entry in this dropdown that corresponds to the service catalog item and select the catalog item and fill it out. They are unable to do this, today.

I am happy to give even more specifics around this, if it will help. We have a significant need here and my users would benefit greatly.

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