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How do I delete a custom app from my developer poral

I have developed an app, and published it on developer portal as my custom app. I wanted to update the code, but that didn't work (tried to replace file and publish with no luck). 

Now I'd like to delete an old app with outdated code, but I have no way to do that . All I see is a red padlock icon. 

Is there no way to delete apps? And if not, then how do I update code on these apps 

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It's 2019 and I still share the same issue. Was this solved meanwhile?

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There is no option to delete the app. However, you can at least differentiate the app. 

You need to save and submit the app. In the next step you should cancel submission. 

The app will have a grey line on top, an indication that the app is abandoned. 

Could you elaborate on that? 

I can only find two options "Add new version" or "Publish"

The Delete option is now added, Allard.

On a side note,

We have recently launched forum for Freshworks developer community ( We encourage all the developers to discuss queries, ambiguities, know-hows, and points of interest with fellow app developers and Freshworks’ engineers on the forum.  We will involve the stakeholders directly on the forum topic to help you get your answers quicker.

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