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Couple of issues on our helpdesk

We've just started using freshservice as our helpdesk and we like it so far. But we've got couple of issues we'd like to address.

1: New users receive the wrong Time Zone and Language. Our default is Amsterdam +1.00 and Dutch. But all new users logging in through ADFS/SAML, so no registration is done, receive the defaults, English and +0.00

2. Send answer and close reopens the ticket. Or reply and close immediatly afterwards also reopens the tickets.

3. Dispatch'r doesn't add a task to a specific service request but i've got the rules right. 

Hi Danny,

Thank you for sharing your questions and your feedback.

I have created a support ticket for you and I have replied in that.

Just for your reference, the ticket ID is #976715

Please write back on the ticket with the details requested so that we can further troubleshoot this issue.


Hi Danny,

Glad to work with you on the issue reported.

You can always refer to the support ticket for any assistance.

Feel free to write back for further support.

Also you can reach out to us via chat https://support.freshservice.com/support/home

Or you can call us on +1 (866) 832-3090



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I'm literally had no response for 9 days. Can someone please respond to the ticket..