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Ticket import

Good morning,

Can you tell me how to import external tickets in Freshservice? We are currently using SugarCRM for managing our tickets. We would not use it anymore as we are replacing it with Freshservice. I have exported all the tickets (102 open) in a csv file to import in Freshservice. But I can’t see the import button to import all of them in Freshservice. I would be happy if you assist.

I look forward to hearing you back. Thanks


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I'm trying to migrate from JIRA Service Desk to freshservice, but I'd like to import all my Jira issues to freshservice, the lack of importing option is blocking my migration.

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Hi Nahidul/Enderson,

Sorry for the late response.

We support CSV migration of data.

Please write to support@freshservice.com with the details, we will be happy to assist you over the same.


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