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Ticket Scheduler - Flexible Dates, Add Tasks


It would be great to be able to schedule tickets for non-specific dates. For example, being able to schedule a ticket for the 'first Monday of the month', or the 'third Thursday of the month'.

It would also be great if we could add Tasks to scheduled tickets.

Thanks, Reuben.

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Also, if we choose monthly, why do we have to then select every month?  That should be the default.

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We would definitely like the ability to add tasks to schedule tickets.

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There is very little flexibilty with the scheduler and even if there is still a requirment to choose the months, please can we not have a checkbox so you can select multiple months instead of click in the box, selecting January, and then repeating the click in the box and then each month in turn.

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Seems odd this request hasn't been implemented yet. In the IT world, I feel like much more is centered on being "1st Monday" or "2nd Tuesday" of the month rather than 1, 2, or Xth day of the month.

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The functionality is too inflexible. Shame there's no feedback on the topic, plenty of related posts.

Any update with this FS team? - you have the option in reports to run 1st Mon of the month.... Why not for Scheduler?

3 years ago this was asked for and it's been pretty much ignored.

Scheduling needs this type of functionality, otherwise you get stuck with tickets opened on the weekend, killing SLAs!


Just been looking at ToDoist that does this functionality great but you have to pay premium to add details/images.

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