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Ability to Create Reports based on what software is running on Computers

Can't believe I need to make this as a feature request.   Shouldn't there be a way to generate a simple report based on what software is running on Computer Assets that have the Discovery Agent installed?   

For instance if I want to generate a report that shows me all computers that have Java installed and what version of Java they are running, shouldn't that be a simple process?

Apparently Freshservice currently does not have this ability?

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Hello, same case for us, this feature (SAM) will be great for Microsoft audits, I hope it will be available for the blosoom plan.

Sid - 

That's fine if you working on a larger overall but the request for this report has been open for over a year. I'd ask that you provide the report, or allow the report creation tool to get to this asset data. This is a fairly basic need to be able to report on the software installed.

The information is very important from a number of key points.  versioning is important for upgrades, but licensing is equally important.  Usually quarterly audits are on place and reviewed here. 

Key data points if possible:  Software, version, Install date if possible, last used.

if it helps

@Ken, we chose to go with the revamp instead of the report as the new SAM model allows for greater flexibility in day to day use and also solve reporting needs in the long term. 

@Cdennis, Thanks for the info. The Install Date and Last Used is not part of the initial scope. But versions will be available. 

Updates on the Software Asset Management feature can be found here:

Put us on the list to try.. 

So, can folks now view reports of software on their computers? The agent does a great job of inventorying the software but I'm not seeing how I can get a full data dump for all hardware assets.

i would like to try this when its available

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