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Ability to change Asset Display Name and have it stick

I can't believe I need to even make this as a feature request as it seems like more of a bug to me than the way the Asset List should work.  The Asset Display Name is populated by Discovery Agent or Probe when used, and it will insert the Hostname of the computer or sometimes the IP address of the device.

These are often not very useful or descriptive names for MSP's where we often may not even have full control over a hostname naming convention for instance, and every client may have a different naming convention.    The Display Name of an Asset in Freshservice should be completely independent of the Device hostname or IP address.  

Currently Freshservice will allow you to change the Displayname to whatever you want, but the next time the Discovery Agent or Probe updates the device it will overwrite the field back to what the Agent or Probe reports.

Please offer someway to use customized Display Names that stick.   

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Hi Jason,

We have made some changes to the way we update the Display Name. Going forward, if you modify the Display Name of an asset, the discovery tools will not overwrite the name after subsequent scans. Please do give it a try and let us know if the change works well for you.

You can find the entire release notes here



Freshservice Product Team

What if I want it to update the display name to the hostname after each SCAN?

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