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Why god invented columns

We dropped Freshservice last year and moved to another vendor. The product we choose is really good with some realy strong points, but for us the flexibility and rule automations in freshservice amongst other things where a real loss, so we are moving back. 

That said, I want to raise the discussion that the GUI in Freshservice is in need of a makeover. I think freshservice lacks efficiency and usability. The GUI has been designed ba a webdesigner, not an UX designer, it seems. Since this is a tool not a website, the efficiancy and usebility should come before beauty and elegance. FS is a lot of air, instead of a lot of well organized information. It is limited to fit narrow screens althoug most of us have fairly large widescreendiplays today. 

As we are moving back I would like FS to consider the good things that we are leaving behind. 

See the attached sreenshot of freshservice incident list beside the incident list of the competitor. Now this view I will miss when moving to back to FS. 

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Completely agree.   There should also be the option for creating saved customized views and editing what columns are displayed.    This is an issue not only with the Service Desk, but also with Asset Lists and other places.

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