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Better Dashboard to show ticket summary

Right now the "Dashboard" is ugly and useless.
When will we be able to customize a dashboard so that we it looks better and more presentation on a TV display?

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Hello Jinlong,

We are working on dashbaord enhancements to make it more relevant and actionable for our users. Do let us know if you have any specific requirements (common use cases, metrics you'd like to see on the dashboard etc.), to help us understand your needs better. Looking forward to your inputs.


Freshservice Product Management

Hi Deepika

We would like to see the 'UNASSIGNED' counter used for tickets that are assigned to no agent AND assigned to no group. Tickets that are assigned to a group (eg. 'Helpdesk' or 'Development') have in our organisation been assigned to the correct queue.

Also a chart to compare activity today per agent, as a quick comparison of who has had a busy day.


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We work in a similar way to Richard - the tickets are first assigned to teams and the teams then deal with their queue.

For the Dashboard our agents are expecting to be able to customise to see their own stats and link through to views. It would be nice to be able to add counters for the various Views/Filters including custom saved filters.To see the count without having to open the view itself, and then be able to click through to see the tickets in that queue would be useful.

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And perhaps a chart to show all agents (# of open tickets).

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I would love to see integration with Geckoboard so I could layout the dashboard the way that works best for our different departments we have in Freshservice.

We would want a way to filter what is showed on the dashboard. For example we are planning to have Facilities also use Freshservice so being able to only display dashboard ticket stats assigned to IT only would be very helpful and we could then setup a dashbaord for Facilities so they can monitor their own stats.

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We have the exact same issue - multiple departments using Freshservice.

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Brian - I have been seeking feedback on how it would work to have multiple departments in freshservice. See here for full question/explanation. 

How is it working having multiple departments using freshservice? I understand losing the dashboard is not ideal and hopefully they can improve this. 

Any other challenges? Feel free to respond here or to my other post I linked. I appreciate any feedback.

Hey everyone, 

Thank you so much for your feedback! 

To summarize, 

1. Dashboard should show metrics that is relevant to users instead of a single constant view for the whole helpdesk. Eg : an agent should be able to view tickets assigned to him that are due for the day to help him prioritise his work. 

2. Metrics displayed should have the option to be filtered by Group, Department/Company, Priority etc.  

3. Common use cases - 

b) a supervisor should be able to view open tickets that belong to a particular group

c) have a quick glance at my agents/team's workload for the day 

d) Identify unassigned tickets 

We are currently working on dashboard enhancements - these inputs have been extremely valuable in helping us understand your dashboard requirements and identifying important metrics that will help us build a meaningul dashboard experience. 

I will keep you posted here on further updates regarding this feature. 


Freshservice Product Management 

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I really like the flexibility that JIRA has for their dashboard.  I can create multiple views on the same dashboard.  I can have one section showing tickets OPEN and ASSIGNED to me, I can see NEW tickets assigned to my TEAM that have not yet been triaged, I can see how many tickets have been CLOSED by my team this month, etc.  I need MULTIPLE WIDGETS on my dashboard.  I also need to have MULTIPLE SAVED VIEWS or REPORTS.  These would be customizable for every field available in the FRESH SERVICE.  

Another useful feature would be to create separate 'Dashboard Users' so we don't need to tie up an agent login for the dashboard. From a security perspective, I don't want to use Agent accounts on our dashboards.

This could be accomplished by assigning a 'Dashboard' role to a Requestor that we create specifically for this purpose.

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I think a quick way to do this would also be to allow use of an external dashboard service, such as Geckoboard or Leftronic.  As I understand from both of them, it is not hard for a vendor to code plugins/integrations for both of those platforms.  I've seen stories of integrations coded within an hour or less...of course, the API has to have everything you need first!

I'm primarily interested in Group/Team statistics. Numbers bunched together are not as helpful. Thank you


I am interested in this feature, having lot of custom statuses and those are not counted, only those with default statuses. Customer site

Thank you!

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