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Out of office for agents

If an agent goes on holiday and a requester replies to a ticket that is assigned to that agent the requester currently has now way of knowing the agent is away and the desk doesn't know someone is awaiting a reply.

It would be good to either have some sort of functionality where an agent can set themselves as away and a rule that does something if someone replies ie maybe unassigns the ticket so that it can be reassigned

People maybe have other suggestions for this?

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 In my opinion it should work like:

Agents sets OOO message and time period

It is not possible to assign ticket to him

Requester while trying to contact with an Agent is informed back about OOO

Even better, setting OOO could have another agent or team of agents "cover" for the OOO agent.  "covering" agents would see OOO agent's tickets as part of their own queue.

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I agree. We switched from Zendesk to FreshService and that is one feature I miss.


Is there a solution for this topic? We are facing the same issues



Isn't that what delegation does under a user's profile settings?

^ I think that's only for approvals


Workforce Management is definitely one area that Freshservice is lacking in. Trying to ensure our customers are receiving timely responses is very important to us and being able to take some kind of automated action on tickets if an agent is out of office would be very beneficial.

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