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Markdown editor for solutions articles

I occasionally find the WYSIWYG editor has some formatting issues and would like to request the option to have a markdown editor for writing solutions articles to give me a middle ground between the WYSIWYG and full HTML editor.

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Hi Todd, it would be really helpful if you can let us know more about the formatting issues in detail as we are currently working on a completely new editor for our Knowledge Base.

The most common issue I get is line spacing when working with dot points, sometimes the spacing will change between different dot points for no apparent reason

Todd, we have been working on a completely new editor for the Knowledge Base and we have focussed on keeping a consistent experience which should resolve your concerns. 

In case you are interested to get early access, I can add you in the list and reach out to you once we roll out the new editor. 

We have opened up early access for our new editor, let me know if you will be interested to give it a try. 

Can I roll back if I want?

Sure, we can help you with the roll back as well. However, once we move out of beta and go live with the new editor, then it becomes the default and we can't roll back. I am sure you will like the new editor as it has a lot of new formatting options and improved user experience. 

Does the change apply to just my user account or all agents?

It will be at the account level so the change will apply to all agents in your helpdesk. 

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