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Ticket tool for font and size


It would be important for us to have more control over the font in the ticket. Right now we can't change the font and the size from there which is very important for a Helpdesk.

Even more when the editor does strange things as changing the font or the font size itself when i press Enter.

For now, we are forced to copy/paste in word change the font and the size and copy /paste again in freshdesk that's not normal to do not have control over this in freshdesk itself...

Thx you,

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I second this. I am having a hard time changing the font in my email replies. The body and the signature have different fonts, it looks very strange. It would be much better to be able to change the font from the system rather than Word. 


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same here.

we have around 11 users and possibly it will be 30 by the end of the year. and we want more control over the font like changing the size of the font or Different font ..word art etc etc

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Still waiting for a closure? This is a basic requirement I feel. Why is Freshdesk taking so much time?

There should also be an option to copy and paste from spreadsheet and Word in the same format (including tables and formatting)

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+1 most of our content is generated in word and then transferred to Freshdesk. This causes all types of issues, so we must always cancel the formatting and add the formatting manually. And, in the process we are forced to use the Freshdesk Font. Yes this frustrating but has become the norm for us and we have over 600 pieces of content :(

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The body and signature have different fonts, making it look lazy to the customer but forcing us to type 'kind regards, XYZ' every time we finish an email



We sometimes need to reply to our customers with a few lines of source code, and we would like this source code to be displayed in a monospaced font.

But it looks like we can't play with several fonts in the reply editor?

Note : this forum has a nice "code snippet" tool, could we have this in the reply editor? :)


This is some source code
spanning over two lines


Unfortunately, the editor in the ticket is very basic, I did find a workaround to add code snippets to tickets using a fixed font. 

  1. Open Solutions in Freshdesk and create a new article. The editor in solutions lets you choose a font family.
  2. Paste a snippet from another application in the editor and choose the font of your choice e.g. Andale Mono or Terminal
  3. Copy the snippet and go to canned responses. Create a new canned response and past your snippet from Solutions and save it. Make sure you give it a short and sexy name e.g. code or snippet
  4. Your agents can now type /c or click on the canned response in the ticket field and use this empty snippet as a template.
Here is an example:


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Thanks @Colman - We have now implemented your solution as a workaround and it does the job well. Thank you. 

Ironically this forum message box DOES have a Snippet button! 

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