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Split a new ticket into two or more

We get people requesting multiple unrelated things in one ticket. As of right now, we don't have a way of splitting that ticket into others. I know there is functionality to spit a reply into a separate ticket, but why not an initial ticket?

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This is definitely something that we would love to have.


Hi FreshService. Any updates, or a response perhaps? It's been a year. 

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This would be very useful.

Always an issue, a solution would be very welcome and a huge time saver.

I would like this as well.

We have this problem All.  The.  Time.

A UI similar to "Discuss" where you could highlight parts of the ticket to assign to new tickets would be great, as often a user will submit several requests as either sentences, bullet points, or paragraphs.

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Please add this feature request!

We really need this too. 

This exists......... Please hover over the thread reply containing the new topic, and click what I call the "fork in the road" button. See attached.

@Chris McEwen - That doesn't work for an initial ticket with multiple requests on it.

For example, a user may say: "I forgot my password.  Oh, and also I need a new laptop charger."  These are 2 completely separate requests and should be split right away.  There is no way to split a new ticket, and additionally, if you do split a ticket, it splits off the entire reply rather than just part of it.

The ideal solution would be similar to the "Discuss" feature, where you would highlight a part of the ticket then click the "Split" button to split out *just that part*.

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I don't see the icon to split a ticket. Like many, I'd love to see the option to split an existing ticket. Eric Kincl provided a perfect example of why this would be a great feature. I see the screenshot from J. Chris McEwan, but I don't see this option.

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This would be a great productivity boost

Joe - do you mean you can see the split icon in that screenshot but it doesn't appear in your instance of Freshservice?  Note that it doesn't appear in the original request at the top. It only appears on replies from the requestor

Joe - did you note that the split icon doesn't appear on the original request and only on replies from the requester?

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