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New Requestor to not send signup email

Is it possible that when a new requestor is added to not automatically send the email to them. We are using SAML SSO and a custom SSL. When the email sends out to them it is for them to create a password and access the link seperatly. The password should be the one they have set with us on our Active Directory. 

Perhaps a checkbox when creating the requestor to not allow the credentials to be sent via email automatically?

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We have a similar issue. We're using SSO and have no external access to our Freshservice portal. We do however want to be able to communicate with a small number of external parties using the service desk. Previously they simply used an email address directed towards our helpdesk and we want to replicate this, with no need for them to access the portal, simply with the ability to manage the exchanges ourselves through Freshservice.

Currently if we add them as a requestor they'll get a notification but not be able to access the link which is confusing.

This feature already exists.

Go to Admin > Email Notifications > User Activation Email and turn the slider to OFF. This should allow requesters to be created without sending them the activation email.

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Thanks Tyler, yep I found it, I was a bit quick onto the forum with the question. Bit of an RTFM, to my shame.

Except you can no longer deactivate the user activation email....


Could we have an update to this. It's not possible to disable the activation email as per the above post?


Paul Smith, its possible to deactivate them.

You can't remove the object "activation email" but you can deactivate it from beeing automatically sent.

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