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Ability to change default email address of a contact

Now we have the functionality to merge contacts and add email addresses, it would be great if there was a way to change the default email address.

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Sorry, accidentally posted this here - should have been on the Freshservice forum!

Hi Charlie, I will go ahead and move it under the Freshservice forum. The team will respond to you shortly. 

Any development on this ? Couple of contacts we have here need the same thing. 

We would also like this feature for requesters. We have employees change departments/locations and while we can add new email addresses, they're still stuck with the old one as the default which causes confusion.  We don't want to make 'new' requesters since we need the ticket history to stay with the user.

I got round this for individual users by creating a new contact with the new email address (you can import) and then merging this with the existing record, making sure the new one is the Master. This will bring the ticket history across.

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Looks like that worked. Thanks for the tip.

While this is a 3-year-old feature request without any activity in 2 years, I have to say that this is still a feature I feel is necessary.

Creating and merging contacts is a nice workaround but it's really unnecessary when simple toggle on the Contact details page would resolve this issue.

another simple workaround is to convert the contact to an agent, change the address and convert it back

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