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Suggestions for Solutions

I would like to suggest the following improvements to FreshService Solutions:

  1. Permalinks:  Each Solution article should have a permalink that does not include the category and folder in the URL.  If a Solution article is moved to a new category or folder, the link should not require updating.  
  2. Templates:  It would be fantastic to have templates for solutions so that we can all have some consistency to the layout of our articles.
  3. Share Button:  I think that a share button when viewing solutions either in the Portal or the HelpDesk would be a great idea.  It should be easy to send the article to coworkers or customers.

Thank you

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I'd love to see some reports / analytics so we can tell how many users are going to certain solutions or if they keep bouncing from solution to solution and not solving issues immediately.

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1. Templates really need to be added. It'll be super useful to work with other groups.

2. Sub folders within folders to separate various application articles IE: System Group Folder -> Application Folder -> Solutions

3. Import from other content sources such as Word, or PDF document and preserve formatting/images.

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I'd like to get to define our own templates, and insert them on demand much like we do the canned responses within tickets.

These are great insights. I'd like to understand what's the most preferred template. Can you tell us what templates you are using or aspiring to use. 


Freshservice Product Team

+1 for this. There are manual ways to do it, and I am working on a Slack bot that can create the article "Shell" for me based off of a provided template, but having this built into the product would be a huge boon.

For a template solution I made my own and saved it as a draft in each category. To create a article I edit the template and copy/paste it to a new article. It's a few steps but at least I don't have to recreate something. I agree it'd be nice to have a template you can create and have it be part of the New Article option.

Hi Andy,

Great suggestions. The points will definitely add more value to the tool. I will definitely discuss with my product team to slowly implement the features in the tool.



Presales Manager

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