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API and Assets

Has anyone been able to utilize the API to update the asset tag, warranty, acquisition date, warranty expiry date, and cost of computer CIs?

If so, can you please share how you formatted the request?

I have put in a ticket to support last week but they are apparently still investigating.



Hi Hardwick,

I believe that this issue has been addressed.

The solution to this query is that the Asset Tag or any Levelfield attributes like Warranty etc..  should be given inside "level_field_attributes" not "level_field_values".

Govind, you are correct!!  You helped me solve this the other day.  I had posted it on the forums before I had contacted you.

To others who are interested, I will soon be posting how I did all of our API work (coded in PowerShell) to GitHub in the next week.

Thanks again Govind!

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Hi Hardwick,

Glad that I was able to help you with the issue. And I am really looking forward to seeing the method that you will be posting in the GitHub by next week. 

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