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Feedback on building E-signature capability into Freshservice

To improve IT agent productivity, we're looking at building e-signature capability into Freshservice. 

Some of the scenarios we are considering :

  • Speed up contract execution by enabling agent to send the contract for approval + e-signature within FS and retrieve the signed copy in Freshservice
  • Enhance & secure existing approval workflows (in change/release management, service requests, asset management etc) with optional e-signature

We would love to hear your thoughts on these scenarios and where else this functionality will be impactful with your existing workflows.

- Freshservice Product Team

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this would be helpful! 

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The biggest issue we have seen is that when an approval is requested from a manager they don't know what they are approving! The agent should be able to reword what is requested or be able to add a note or give the approvers a view that shows everything on the ticket along with the approve function. Most approvers end up responding to the email with the word Approved which totally bypasses the approval feature. 

It would also be great to have management of workflows for example if an employee requests a standing desk or new monitors we could have a workflow automatically request approval from their manager instead of putting the work on us. Where more complicated requests such as system changes could be first reviewed by the agent and then approval could be requested.

Regarding contracts - if we could add our open purchases, contract, terms and then send them to a legal team to respond and approve with some good functionality this would make it much easier than emailing the items around as it just is not rich enough to do it in freshservice today.

I like the idea, but honestly there are other things I'd really like to see done before this (e.g. child tickets on service requests, linked custom fields, separate SSO configurations per client portal, secure notes). 

That said, for e-sig, I suppose integration with DocuSign and RightSignature would be nice. 

I would probably prioritize contracts over service req approvals for leveraging e-signature.

But again, for me this is of lower interest than some other outstanding feature requests. 

Hey Jeff

Thanks for the feedback. We are looking into viable solutions to make Freshservice even easier to use and some of the use cases mentioned are definitely under consideration.

Moreover, Workflows can be automated and managed through Dispatch's and Observer rules.

An example of a Disapatch'r Rule:

If there is a service request for an Apple iMac, an approval request will be auto sent to the requester's reporting manager.

The requester should have a reporting manager assigned. Reporting manager can be configured in the requester section.

For more complex requests like system changes, request can be auto assigned to an agent by using the "Assign to Agent" option

Here is a solution article for more details:


Freshservice Product Team

We would support e-signatures, especially for service requests and approvals. Currently we have to print out paper versions of tickets and sign manually for auditors. If there was the ability to first e-sign a service request (form submission), then e-sign an approval that would be great.

This would be incredibly useful for us. All of our assets need to be signed for by their users. 

In an ideal world, I could select several assets to populate a pre-written signout sheet with asset#, Serial, and other established fields. Then once it has been e-signed that form gets the name of the person signing it out, the current date, and gets attached to all items being signed out to have a signature history.

This would make my life significantly easier.

Thank you all for your suggestions. It was very helpful. 

We've released DocuSign integration for contracts at the moment. In a nutshell, this integration enables agents to send contracts to vendors and other signers (inside and outside your organization) for e-Signature and automatically retrieve the signed copy back in Freshservice. For more information, please check out the solution article

We will take up e-Signature capability for service request approvals and assets in our next enhancement. 


FreshService Product Management

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Where are you with E-sig, I am looking for authentication at the time of Approval of Change requests... 

(Responding to this from above)

      "We will take up e-Signature capability for service request approvals and assets in our next enhancement. "

This post was from 4 years ago. Are there still plans to implement e-signature/Docusign intergration into service request approvals?  This would be really useful for us. Thanks!

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