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Reporting - filters

What we're finding is the reporting is quite limited. There seems to be a lot of tickets that give you summary and at a glance information but very little that gives you detailed information of the various tickets (logged, time to first response, resolution time, close time etc.). You need a break down by ticket as well.

Further more, it appears impossible to report by 'Group' as it does not appear in the filter selection. 

Can this please be add because reporting in FreshService really lacks some very basic ITIL reporting requirements.

Hi Marco, 

Thank you for your feedback. I understand how important is it to run reports by "Group" and I agree with you about it being included as a filter condition as part of our reports. We are revamping our out-of-the-box reports, with which, additional filters (group,company/department etc), ability to drill-down into tickets and additional metrics (SLA violated %, Avg first assignment time etc) will be included. Also, detailed information with a break down by ticket is possible custom ticket reports. Development will start work on this feature very soon. Please check back here for more updates! 


Freshservice Product Management 

Seconded.  Please let us know when more reporting improvements are coming.  Creating reports with additional filtering and sorting criteria, re-arranging columns, etc. is desired.  Yes, I know we can export to Excel and do this ourselves _outside_ of FreshService...and that is mildly acceptable, but we would like to be able to create useful reports that we can use _within_ the system at all times at our fingertips and across our user base.



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