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Dynamic Dropdown Lists

In service catalog form designer, the drop down custom field is great for simple selection. It would be handy to add another custom field that allows values in drop down list populated from customer database using some sort of API. This will avoid constant updating of values when the list changes in source database for e.g. location, rooms, etc.

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Agree. For contracts it would be nice to add custom fields (e.g. dropdown box) whose values are linked to existing tables (i.e. CMDB values).

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I'm surprised this three year old topic hasn't gathered more upvotes. I'm new to Freshservice and I find the inability to build a data driven process very frustrating. Adding dropdown lists to a form and having them populate based on database lookups is an essential feature. What's the point in having extensible asset classes and relationships if you can't use them to drive any form based process...

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I agree with Charles here. This should be high priority. Also reports based on relationships

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