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View tickets worked on by an agent for a given date or range

I need the ability to view tickets that an agent has touched for a given date range. For example - I need to see what Susan did last Thursday. Ideally this would be a customizable report with links to the tickets so I can review work done by an individual. Additionally it would be beneficial to also be able to filter that report by status.

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Hello Ian, 

Thank you for your feedback. The use case that you've mentioned - the ability to view tickets (filtered by status) that an agent has worked on can be achieved with custom reports for tickets, provided the time tracker feature had been used by the agent while he/she was working on the ticket. This report would contain tickets (with links to their detailed view) that were worked on by an agent, along with the duration spent by the agent on each ticket (fetched from the time tracker). Hope this helps! :)

We are working on shipping custom reports for tickets by Q1 of 2016. Please check back for more updates. 


Freshservice Product Team


Any updates available on the status of this request?


Kevin Kays

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Where is this on the timeline these days? 

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Is there a timeline for a report that shows tickets worked by agent for a specific timeframe.  Adding the time tracker step seems to be counter-productive to the process of resolution and speed of service.


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I agree. It should be possible based on what is already there to tell which tickets an agent has either been assigned, replied to, added a note to, or whatever, without having to use the time tracking feature.

Was there a solution for this?

Our new analytics module has the ability to report on tickets that are assigned to agent, or were assigned to them in the past - along with the duration of time for which the ticket was assigned to them. If you haven't received access to the module already, we'll be enabling it for your accounts over the next few months, once the accounts become eligible for the feature.

Reporting on tickets that an agent "touched"/replied to is currently not on our roadmap.

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