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Separate SSO per customer portal

We have customers with their own Azure AD domains that we support, and it would be wonderful to let them log into our support portal directly from their own Office 365 account. Today, when we turn on SSO, we can integrate with our own company domain, but of course our customers who don't have accounts on our domain can't log in. If we could do separate SSO configuration per customer portal, it would seem to solve this.

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To further motivate for this request: one of the easiest ways to hack into an organisation is through the service desk, pretending to be a user. Integrating into user domains (especially in MSP mode) would help prevent hacks.

@Stephen, We have implemented a feature to allow different SSO/Login configurations for every customer portal in Freshservice. You can learn more about this here. I am assuming that you are in MSP mode as configuring different customer portals is possible only in MSP mode.

@Louis, does this solve the issue you have highlighted?

Yeah, thanks, I noticed the update when you all implemented it, but we haven't turned it up yet on our portal just from lack of time to get it tested with customers. May try it this week though. If it works, it will be awesome and I will be grateful. I think it will create a much better customer experience. 

Please do share your feedback once you get a chance to try it out :)

Thanks Mohana! I'm afraid I don't currently have the right infrastructure to test this. Will feedback when I get a chance.

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