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Themes for the helpdesk branding

Yes I can edit the look and feel via the portal pages, stylesheets and layout areas, but I can’t experiment easily without affecting the live system – option to have different themes (each of which would contain the mentioned items) - this would also provide a revenue area for you too maybe - much like the WordPress theme market.

Also, it's not currently possible to upload images to use in the customisation - these have to uploaded elsewhere and then referenced, which is cross-domain and frowned upon.

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This would be great! We would like to offer a super customized portal to our employees, and some sort of step up from just the "preview" option would be fantastic! 

A dev site perhaps?

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You can find Freshservice themes on Breezy Themes*. They allow almost unlimited customization. You can either customize these Freshservice templates on your own or order customization services from Breezy Themes.

Breezy Themes is a Freshworks authorized partner that provides services for Freshservice and Freshdesk support portals.

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