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Editing language and terms used

Yes I can manually edit pages, but would be good to be able to change the terms used – it’s all US english, e.g “Catalog” not “Catalogue”.

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Haha, so this is comical. Yet another item I came across where I couldn't figure how or where to edit the text strings and it's because it's not possible!! Come to the forums and sure enough, someone has already requested this 2 years ago and it's still not possible!!

We have a multi-language deployment and find that the text used on some of the screens isn't working for our users, we want to be able to add/change the text strings used on portal home, login, sign-up etc. A tech suggested that I use {{current_user.language}} which will tell me the current language and then using a bunch of if statements I then hard code the text. I won't begin to list the reasons why this is a terrible "hack".

Seems once again there was a developer design decision to store all language strings centrally for ALL freshservice users instead of on a per instance basis (I think this is the same issue with Asset Categories and their proposed solution is to hide items vs. giving us control over the structure). 

So I'll make my request here as well and we can wait another couple years and see if anything happens. 

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