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Dynamic forms for the catalogue

Dropdown fields in the catalogue forms are great, but you can't do anything based on the selection made by the user.

Having dynamic forms where fields could display or not based on answers to other questions would make for a more efficient form and data collection process.

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Hi Jason,

We've planned to bring in Dynamic Sections for Service catalog and are slated to start the development next month. The feature should be available, roughly, around end of June. I'll keep this thread posted once I have further updates.

@Loren, thank you for explaining the use-case. These are great inputs.

We do have the 'External look-up fields' as a part of our backlog. The idea is that, you should be able to pull in data from external sources and have them available for selection on a drop-down field. I'll take your use-case as an ask for this feature, and will keep you informed when we plan for it. 

This is very valuable feedback - keep them coming :)

Thank you.



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