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Email Parameters

When an email is sent by a requestor, have the ability to parse the email for certain tokens. For example setting a CI relationship automatically (what I am after):

$$asset: computer-1

Where $$asset is the token, and computer-1 is the value. This is mainly to be used in monitoring software when they shoot off emails when an SNMP trigger occurs.

Go to Admin -> Helpdesk Productivity -> Email commands, give the help on the right side bar a read.

Available commands

Status : Pending
Priority : Medium
Agent: John Robert
Group: Sales
Source: Email
Type: Incident
Associate_ci: {Serial_no=>123, User=>, Name=>Andrea's Laptop}
action: note 

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Thank you! Worked a treat.

Using the same syntax as the example:

@simonsays "Associate_ci":"{name=>%device}"@simonsays

Used this in my notification email from PRTG Network Monitor.

I do note that you do have to be registered as an agent, otherwise it will not work.

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I have not got this to work with either the syntax above:

  @simonsays "Associate_ci":"{name=>displayname}"@simonsays

or based on the notes on my admin screen:

  @simonsays "Associate_asset":"{name=>displayname}"@simonsays

Is the display name the correct value to use??

(I have other email commands working, so it's just the format of this command I'm not getting right.)

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