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Rules - Ability to email any email address.

Not sure why rules are limited to emailing Groups, Agents, certain requestors.  It would be great to be able to put in one or many disparate email addresses on an ad-hoc basis.

For example:

If I have a mail catch doing something after hours, it may go out to a call service.  The call service may not require access to tickets (so they aren't an agent).  

Or simply that you want to forward all emails that come in to a resource mailbox somewhere.  

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Absolutely this would be fantastic.

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Mike & Braden,

We've heard this from other customers as well and are currently investigating what it would to implement this. Note that this is already available on CAB approval requests. I'll have an update for you soon.


Freshservice Product Team

Is there any update on this?  This was a specific question I asked of our sales person, who assured me this was possible, and now that I am trying to set it up I realize it is not.  This is a MAJOR problem for me.

This could be very helpful indeed. Especially if it have the ability to use the custom field values from a service Catalouge Items in the mail template, getting the custom values from the service request from wich a scenario was envoked, or a rule was triggered.  It could be  for instance be used to send a mail order for porting of a phonenumber into the company sollution in an onboarding scenario, or automatically trigger hardware order, linking the order info to the ticket. (since you dont have a PO module in FS ;-) 

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