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Feedback on upcoming Freshservice + Slack Integration

To better support IT agent productivity & improve service levels for requestors, we are working on a Slack-Freshservice integration. 

Here are some of the scenarios we're considering:

- Allowing incident creation on Freshservice, from Slack : Requestors/Agents can create a ticket from a slack channel.

- Allow agents to receive notifications on Ticket Assignment/ updates/ upcoming SLAs etc (based on existing automation rules) on a Slack channel. 

- Agents can push an announcement created on Freshservice to users, on a Slack channel. 

- Send notifications to a Slack channel when a change/problem/release request is created.

We'd love your thoughts/feedback - specifically on whether the above functionality would be valuable to you. Also open to suggestions on any other use-cases you'd like us to consider.

(PS - Thanks Alan Burman for all your inputs! )

- Freshservice Product Team

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It seems that tickets can only be published in Slack channels, but not in Slack private groups, and the later is exactly what we need.

Hi, how far off is this integration?

The ability to create tickets under a requesters name/email via a message in a Slack channel is something we are desperately looking for.

Additional desired functionality would be to be able to have a private group auto created in Slack mirroring the conversation history in a ticket, with all the CC'd members apart of that group as well as the agent.

Whilst it would make more sense for the agent to remain in FS to reply to tickets, alot of users would find it easier to just use Slack.

any updates on when this will be implemented?

We have tried using webhooks, but it doesn't work.

All of the scenarios mentioned would be useful. 

Would love to have notifications to a Slack channel for new problem, change, and release tickets. And if it could send ticket SLA/response reminders, that could be helpful (or a nuisance, depending on the day, ha).

Thanks for all your inputs (helps a lot) - Ticket creation from Slack and Ticket notifications to a Slack channel seem to be the most desired request. I'll keep you all posted once we kickstart the development which is not far away. 


Freshservice Product Team



Is there any term forecast you release the integration with slack?

Can't wait for this integration!! This will really improve our workflow as we're trying to unify all communication into Slack. 

@Michael - Glad to hear that. We've started the development.

@Vladimir - We'll have the integration ready by Q2 or early Q3. 


Freshservice Product Team

This is a great integration!!!  I'm really looking forward to this release.  My company would benefit hugely from this!!

Can't wait for this to be released!!

Hopefully it is soon!!! 

We would like to also see the ability to chat with requesters about a new or open ticket and then save the chat into the ticket notes.

Any timeline update on this ?

@thomas - It will be live by next week. 

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Wonderful....I can't wait to integrate the two.

Hi Everybody,

Slack integration has been released :) Thank you for being patient with us. Please refer this solution article to set it up and contact me at if you have any feedback. 


Freshservice Product Team

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