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Parent and Child in service requests

Hi There,

I love the work you guys have done in regards to parent and child tickets within incidents and the way you have associated tickets within changes.

Would it be possible to implement something similar into Service Requests.

An example being there is a master request for a new starter, but then child requests for creating the AD account, building the hardware, organising the mobile etc...

If there was the ability to create the child requests (from catalogue items) under the master ticket that would great, in the way you have implemented in incidents.

The reason I ask for this over creating tasks is so the user could have visibility in the end user portal of the different parts of the request.

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I'd like to add another scenario in which this is almost mandatory, and one that other users have brought up in the past: employee offboarding.

Because permissions are handled as far as access by multiple groups (which include some 3rd party vendors) each step off the offboarding removal process can end up behind handled by different administrators.

Adding checkboxes to the SR portal only works if the requesting supervisor is aware of and remembers everything the user had access to which is not always the case, setting these as child tickets that can then be resolved or assigned to the correct parties for resolution is mandatory for the process to be complete and smoothly handled.

Any updates on this from the FS team?

I'm with Rob... I need to be  able to add a  "Add Child Ticket" to an existing SR.  I would also like a way to automatically closing a parent ticket once all of the child tickets are resolved or closed.   I have several use cases including employee on boarding, off boarding and new customer set up that involve many teams.   Being able to create and link SRs (even ad-hoc SRs)  would improved my reporting, SLA management and development of our service catalog. 

Is there any update on this? Can you also confirm that child tickets DO work on a Service Request when they are specified as part of the Service Catalog Item design. However, child requests are not possible in Service Requests by viewing a ticket and creating a child ticket (like incidents are below):



We will pick this up in Q3. I will keep this thread updated with the scope of the solution, before end of this month. 



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Joe - as there been any update on this. We have recently adopted Freshservice, and are struggling to find a working model for handling Requests in a Parent-Child way



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