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Parent and Child in service requests

Hi There,

I love the work you guys have done in regards to parent and child tickets within incidents and the way you have associated tickets within changes.

Would it be possible to implement something similar into Service Requests.

An example being there is a master request for a new starter, but then child requests for creating the AD account, building the hardware, organising the mobile etc...

If there was the ability to create the child requests (from catalogue items) under the master ticket that would great, in the way you have implemented in incidents.

The reason I ask for this over creating tasks is so the user could have visibility in the end user portal of the different parts of the request.

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I'd like to add another scenario in which this is almost mandatory, and one that other users have brought up in the past: employee offboarding.

Because permissions are handled as far as access by multiple groups (which include some 3rd party vendors) each step off the offboarding removal process can end up behind handled by different administrators.

Adding checkboxes to the SR portal only works if the requesting supervisor is aware of and remembers everything the user had access to which is not always the case, setting these as child tickets that can then be resolved or assigned to the correct parties for resolution is mandatory for the process to be complete and smoothly handled.

Any updates on this from the FS team?

I'm with Rob... I need to be  able to add a  "Add Child Ticket" to an existing SR.  I would also like a way to automatically closing a parent ticket once all of the child tickets are resolved or closed.   I have several use cases including employee on boarding, off boarding and new customer set up that involve many teams.   Being able to create and link SRs (even ad-hoc SRs)  would improved my reporting, SLA management and development of our service catalog. 

Is there any update on this? Can you also confirm that child tickets DO work on a Service Request when they are specified as part of the Service Catalog Item design. However, child requests are not possible in Service Requests by viewing a ticket and creating a child ticket (like incidents are below):



We will pick this up in Q3. I will keep this thread updated with the scope of the solution, before end of this month. 



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Joe - as there been any update on this. We have recently adopted Freshservice, and are struggling to find a working model for handling Requests in a Parent-Child way



Wow,  I am saddened by the lack of concern that this request has gotten.  It appears that as product users/customers we have no real ability to get the requests that we need added to the product.  This particular request is just asking you to honor the parent/child ticketing process for service requests after the initial service request has been submitted.  

I feel like as a new user of the product and after looking at requests that literally go on for years that there is no recourse for betting requests handled.  

Sid - That's seems pretty harsh. As a user of Fresh Service I find the development team to be very good and focusing and prioritizing on what is needed most. 

Service Requests already do have the capability of adding child tickets but only at the time of logging. Since an SR is (or should be) a consistent and repeatable process, there should be no reason why new child tickets should need to be added once the SR is logged. I can understand the reasoning behind the first cut of the SR module in FS. Perhaps this is why they have delayed developing the feature of adding ad-hoc child tickets until now.

Incidents do have that ad-hoc capability and that is where we tend to use it most. Though we are trialing a new business process of just re-assigning tickets to the person working on it as it 1) gives the customer a better view of who is actually working on the ticket, 2) Does not create a bunch of tickets that the customer needs to keep up with, 3) provides all the activity tracking under a single ticket.

For us it comes down to looking at our processes and what provides the best customer experience at the portal.

Hi Patrick,

I understand your response.  I don't think I was trying to be harsh.  I really do question why this request did have some promises made then was dropped.  There are also other forum posts for the same question posted that have had responses for several years and then some very recently with no real response from the development team.

I have tried to look at the number of likes and questions with some of the other requests that are on the roadmap and am not sure how the requests are processed because they seem to have lower likes than some that have been out there for a while.  I realize I have a very incomplete picture of the number so I have no real opinion on that aspect.

I do feel that it is difficult to understand what is being worked on and why.  I feel that the process still needs a little work to feel confident in the feature request process.

As to the Service Request functionality, I feel that there obviously are customers that see the benefit of being able to add child requests to a master service request like can be done with incidents so I can say that it is a request that would others would be beneficial to the product.

I'll be honest I did speak out of a little frustration but I also get the feeling that others are frustrated with the request process as well, again I have no ability to really tell how many customers that would be,  but I am certainly not as frustrated as I was this morning once I cooled off.  I will try to give myself more time to process my frustrations next time before adding to the forums. :)

I have looked for opportunities to really help improve the FreshService product not just for my organization but based on what i've seen in other systems.  We choose FreshService over 6 other systems so we have a vested interest in asking for changes that will help make the product better.  My organizations also trying to encourage others to look at FreshService.  We are part of a Technical College network in our state and want to help other schools find the tools that will help them as well. 


Our organization would also like to see the ability to create child tickets from the default service requests.

I understand that child tickets can be created in a service catalog, but the reality is that there will always be situations in our work where we receive new requests that do not perfectly fit our current service catalog offerings. This causes a lot of unnecessary manual work, where our agents must create a new SR ticket, copy the URL of the parent ticket into the child and vise versa. The child tickets get escalated to different teams or departments that must complete a different portion of the requests.

If this feature is enabled, we can also potentially pull reports on SR ticket with child tickets, which will help us to prioritize the generation of the next service catalog item as well. 

Thank you for reconsidering this feature.



I'm sorry that some of you are really frustrated about this. I had commented a few replies back that we will be picking this up in Q3. As promised this is picked up for this quarter and it's a little early to commit an ETA but we hope to deliver before mid of October. 

SCOPE: agents will be able to manually associate an existing SR as a child to another SR. 

@Sid @Patrick- Thanks for being so passionate about Freshservice. We really appreciate your feedback and suggestions to improve Freshservice, please continue to contribute your ideas.




Thank you for the response on this.  Does it look like this is still going to be possible in October?  Looks like it is a feature that many would like to see.

Thank you for your work!

@sid - Yes :)

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This is deployed. 

You can manually create child service requests or add an existing SR as a child to another SR. 



Thanks so much folks. I can see the link now when viewing child tickets to create a new child. I assume that the ability to create a child ticket is removed once a ticket has gone through an approval process. This is the way it is working right now. Which does make sense.

One of the parent - child functionalities that I ame looking for is linking the same child ticket to the parent request multiple times.

For example, we have a parent ticket for a Primary Location. That primary location may have 1-20 secondary locations. We have a child ticket for the secondary location. Unfortunately, it's a 1 to 1 connection so Once the requester fills out the primary section, if they have a secondary, they can fill that out the secondary request as part, however, if they have multiple secondary locations, they can't add in another secondary location child ticket unless submit a separate ticket.

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