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#Slack Integration

Our team is starting to get heavy with Slack and I see integration with other helpdesk systems, can we get integration rolling for FreshService? 


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We used zapier for quick integration.  Would also like more of a company-wide activity stream like we have on the main page though.

Hey Thomas,

We're rounding the bend on finishing our FreshService app.  It's a custom integration but as of now, not only is there activity streaming but some control too.  We can close tickets, update status, reply, list open or other views.  

Drop me a line if your org may be interested.

Hey -

We are trying to identify the possible use cases for slack integration, it would greatly help if you could share your three most important needs. 


Freshservice Product Team

  1. Ticket Notifications, like when a ticket is filed/updated. The notifications would ideally include the subject of the ticket, perhaps the first bit of text from the body of the ticket, and a link to the ticket.
  2. Inventory Notifications, like when an asset is created/modified. Ideally notification would also include which asset was changed, and what the change was.
  3. Ability to specify criteria for what tickets/updates generate Slack notifications. Maybe only "HIgh" tickets would generate a notification. Or only tickets from a certain set of users, or tickets with certain keywords, etc.

I envision having a dedicated "#helpdesk-alerts" Slack channel, in which all helpdesk agents can monitor it for activity and quickly click links which require their attention, whilst simultaneously discussing amongst themselves how to handle the tickets.

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Hey Alan -

Thanks for sharing your inputs, all three points makes sense. 

Regarding your common #helpdesk-alert, don't you think it will get noisy if the volume of tickets is huge with annoying notifications for every incident raised.  Guess such a dedicated channel should be strictly restricted to important tickets, your views ?

I'll also keep you posted on the planned integration capabilities after collating all the inputs. 


Freshservice Product Team

Hey Karthik,

Yes, I would expect one catch-all channel would get very noisy depending on the volume of tickets... which is why I mentioned the ability to filter what tickets generate Slack notifications. Perhaps even the ability to direct different ticket notifications to different Slack channels, depending on some configurable criteria. Though honestly, only high+ priority tickets are probably worth being notified about.

Yes Alan, Got it. 


Freshservice Product Team

There is a built-in integration for FreshDesk, why not also FreshService?

Hi Brendon,

We will soon kickstart the development for Slack integration. I'll keep you posted about the status. 


Freshservice Product Team

Any word on this?  Looking for the same integrations

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We are hoping for Slack integration soon as well!


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Development is going on in full swing. Will have an update by mid April. 



Super excited about this! We are just looking into Slack and I am really excited to see the integration!

I have had some success with using webhooks and Slack. We have a built in escalation to use a slack channel to crowd source information. I'd be happy to share if it's something along the lines of what you are looking for. We trigger the ticket being pushed to slack using observer and a custom group. 

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