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Ability to Report by Company

Now we have multiple companies in Freshservice for MSPs, we really need the ability to run reports such as "Helpdesk At A Glance" by Company, so we can see our performance for each.

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We still really need this feature - I cannot even do a simple how many tickets from each company as it is not available in the report filters. It would also be very useful, if not essential, to report customer satisfaction by company.

It's so good to have the MSP functionality in Freshservice, but it is still feeling like a bolt-on with various things like this missing.

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You can go to Tickets, put in your criteria (Company, etc.) and export; you can handle the data in Excel afterwards. If you leave the Company field blank, you will get all tickets matching the other criteria.
But having this in the reports would be really handy.

We've now written some Power BI reports to enable us to view helpdesk stats by company etc. We just extract all tickets to .csv

Hi all, 

Sorry for the delayed response. I completely understand the importance of reporting by company/department and strongly agree that this should be included as a filter condition in our out-of-the-box reports. We are currently working on revamping our default ticket reports, with which, generating reports based on company/department will be achievable. I will keep you updated here on the ETA. :) 

Let us know if there are any other specific requirements that you might have with respect to ticket reports. Looking forward to your inputs! 


Freshservice Product Management

Thanks Deepika.

Another must have for me is the ability to exclude merged tickets (those marked as merged into another ticket and closed) as these really skew results. At present we have resorted to deleting them which is time-consuming.

We could really do with a flag to indicate a merged ticket so we can exclude them from our external reporting which uses a ticket export for the data.

Yet another old thread with a promise that something will be added and nothing has been done. we also need reporting by company as we use the msp portal. The at a glance report would be ideal with the charts showing tickets opened and tickets resolved in the month by company. 

Are the reports being updated or not as there are no descent reports for msp in the portal. when we were sold the package i was told reports can be changed to our needs but i see no way of getting this done.

Hello Andy,

Reporting on Tickets by Company can be achieved with Custom Ticket Reports (Reports -> New -> Tickets). I've attached a screenshot below, do let us know if this helps meet your requirements. 



Freshservice Product Management 

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