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Replies stacking (expand/reduce)


I would love to have ticket replies individual stacking/unstacking, "Gmail style"

I know that as of today, most of the replies are stacked (you can see a blue circle with "18 more - Expand" for example), but I'd love to be able to click on each reply header to "minimize" (stack) it as I have read it to read the next one.

Everytime I open a ticket to review it, I click on the first message header to stack it, but nothing happens :p 

Thanks !

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We find the default Expand to be problematic. First, the "Expand" option is buried at the top of the ticket and isn't visible on a computer screen when the ticket first loads unless one scrolls up.

It would be preferable to load the ticket in its entirety and collapse it as an option. 

It would also be preferable to see the most current entries first when a ticket loads as a default. Even better would be for a user to set their own option.

The ability to customize such behavior is preferable and makes for a much better experience.

Thank you and have a great day!

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