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Stop Account Auto Creation

Hello, new to Freshdesk, but loving it.

Just now I forwarded an email (from a supplier) from my Gmail account to my Freshservice desk. Freshservice went ahead and created an account for the supplier and emailed them to tell them to log in and a set their account up etc.

What can I do so accounts aren't setup automatically and emails aren't sent? This is quite embarrassing.

Also, it os possible to email Groups? I'm moving my work service requests from Gmail and into Freshservice, it would be great if I could just forward, for example, emails from Client A straight to a Group or an Agent.


Hello Matt,

We currently can't stop auto Account Creation but you can stop the emails from going out. Please go to Admin->Email Notifications->Tickets and Disable User activation email in Requester Notifications.

You can setup a Dispatch'r rule to automatically assign requests based on certain keywords to groups or agents.



Sounds like a workflow problem.

In a closed loop system, you want everything tracked and everyone should be a contact in the system to track those conversations in a meaningful and historical way.  As Sudharshan suggests, you can disable user activations emails, and you could also go further and disable New Ticket notifications as a default.

Through the dispatch'r, you could make rules about specific support address you have set up.

For example: If you email , those users receive ticket notifications.  But if you send to, that does not have triggering rules for emails.  

We co-exist in email and in closed loop systems.  

All emails to support, internal, sales, etc,. are tracked and measured and a part of the ticketing system.  Vendors usually interact with us individually, and emails can be sent from individual to individuals (or distro groups) within our organization without interacting with the ticketing system. 

A last suggestion for workflow, if you do desire forwarding vendor emails to your FreshService support email addresses, create an additional email address that you, or other agents in FreshService, can send as that is NOT an agent.  

Because FreshService sees your email as an agent account, it looks through the forward for the original email sender, parses, and applies that original sender as the requestor.  If you send from a non-agent address within your organization, it would make that address the requestor, as opposed to the original sender.  

Hi Matt, as Sudharshan suggested, you can disable the Email notification and to add to that, you can set rules to "skip new ticket Email notification" if the "From Email" of the ticket source is outside the domain and as Matt said this is a default workflow that is being designed hence marking this as resolved.

Please feel free to write us back for further assistance.

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