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Scheduled tasks vs Tasks with a Due Date

How does FreshService (or it's users, for that matter) handle scheduled tasks vs tasks with a due date.  

Most of the time, if we're putting in a task, it's for something that has to be done at a particular time, as opposed to when something needs to be completed by.

Example: Scheduled follow up call for the ticket, on-site/desk-side appointment to work on the ticket.  

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I have this question as well, where can learn about this? thanks, Dave  

Hi Mike and Dave,

I appreciate your question. The way tasks are designed today, is geared towards getting things done. Once you break down the work needed for solving a ticket, we provide the date and time it is likely to be solved.

That said, we'll take your feedback in and communicate this to our Product team to see if we can take this interesting approach forward.



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