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CMDB email notification for non HW/SW CI types

Expiry notification is available for hardware and software assets only. Bu there are CI types that are neither hardware nor software but nevertheless have expiration dates. For example, domain name registrations.

Expiration notification must be available for all CI types.

Consider this an enhancement request (or bug fix).


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We would love to see this feature added as well! It is really something that should be available as an option for every category!

Please look into adding email notifications for asset types other than Software and Hardware assets. We use the CMDB to monitor the expiration date of SSL certificates, domain names and other similar assets, where the fields for hardware and software aren't applicable (install path, license type, etc.). Likewise, some of the CIs we use it for (e.g. certificate revocation lists) require notification 7-14 days from expiration, rather than the 30-60 we use for software/hardware. Can you look into adding a standard 'expiration date' field to the CI type creator that can be used for reporting/notifications?

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