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Status Dashboard

We'd really like to incorporate a status dashboard for the services we offer to our customers/contacts. It would be really nice to have something like status.statusdashboard.com built into Freshservice where we can show outages at a glance.

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We utilize statepage.io for our status system and it would be nice if it could integrate into freshservice somehow. 

did you figure this out ?  We're looking for a similar solution

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We would like to have something like this. any response on this from Freshservice?

We've got a status page from Hund.io and integrated this with our self service portal. Hund provide a small widget: https://hund.io/help/documentation/status-widget

They provide a script in what's presumably Java Script and we simply put this in the Head of our Portal layout and it's worked pretty well. Attached is how it looks for us.

It takes all the information directly from our status page so no need to manually update the widget. I'm sure Status page or the like do something similar.

(40.8 KB)

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