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Solutions templates

Is there any way to establish a template, either through fields or just starter language, to ensure consistent formatting and content for authored Solutions?

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We look forward to this function. Its currently a pain to keep the same format every time an article is created.

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The ability to start a solution article based on a predefined template would be wonderful. It would make it much easier to get my department to actually create articles, rather than me having to frequently remind them to do so.

This would be awesome to have. Thinking of using the Solutions for internal system documentation, too.

When writing Knowledge Base articles, we want to follow the KCS-style of delivering solutions. Since we can't create custom fields in Solutions, being able to use a template as a starting point would be a great workaround. It would help us ensure the needed information is included in an article and follow any specific stylings that should be used.

Please implement templates! We've been waiting for so long...

Ditto, templates for solutions is a must have.  Please update us as to the development status.

Any update on this?  I can take any news, good, bad, ugly anything.


indeed this would be very nice to have

 Dear Jess,

this looks indeed already a lot better then the default.

Unfortunately I don't see the stylesheet in our customized portal.

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