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Escalating an issue within support@freshservice

Please can someone tell me how I can escalate an issue within Freshservice support? Does anyone have a contact name/email/Skype for a senior manager there?

I needed to update ticket categories as we are now supporting multiple companies and wanted to take the opportunity to do some housekeeping. I spoke to Freshservice about this in February and was told if I provided a .csv of the tickets and the new fields then this could be updated. 

During my data housekeeping, I also found a bug in the system which unfortunately meant I lost data from all our tickets. I was told if I provided the correct data (which luckily I had exported) then this could be rectified.

I have spent a considerable amount of time getting my data ready and having multiple conversations on the phone and email with Freshervice support, then suddenly last week I received an email saying that actually they couldn't update my tickets or correct my lost data.

I responded to the email on Friday, expressing my disappointment, and have heard NOTHING.

We were one of the early adopters of Freshservice and have invested a lot of effort in setting it up, coping with the various teething problems etc, so I am reluctant to switch to another product however I feel I am being left no choice due to the appalling lack of customer service.

I'd appreciate any help!

Hi Charlie

First off all, My sincere apologies

I got the update from Praveen on this update issue and we've been working with our Developers to get this script readied to update the data. 

You see its not about willingness to help, we want to do that with 100% commitment. Its the Development work involved, hence the delay. 

There is no straight forward way where we can just pull the data and push it back in. We are talking about Live database here and if we were to mess up here, its going to be a major mess up for your account, which we do not want to risk. I know its a pressing and urgent issue for you, but we need to be patient when working with such live accounts. 

Issue has been already escalated by Praveen to me and I am working with the right developer for this kind of update. To be frank, we dont support such updates, to the system. We recommend using the API or manual data updates, because this kind of scripting may lead to issues in the future, which we also cannot predict.

As a gesture, we have taken this up and we will surely get this completed for you, but I am afraid, there will be a slight delay, because we cannot risk any such updates, to cause serious issues to your account

Hope that is fine.

I will reach out to you, on the ticket itself and share the ETA

Hope that is fine


Hi Chralie, Hope we were able solve this issue over support ticket hence making this cosed.

Please feel free to reach out to us for any assistance. 

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