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Mobile phone agent option for Android/iPhone/Windows Phone

It would be great to see a mobile phone agent option for Android/iPhone/Windows Phone to collect the mobile phone details, then sent and populated in the CMDB.

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I don't like the idea of a local Phone agent but this should be possible by extending the probe. The company exchange server holds all the data of which user has configured his mailbox on which device.

I'm using SCCM data myself but I'm still struggling to get the mobile device data in there.

Hi Kamal,

We have a complete Mobile Device Management planned in our road map. You can gather information about a device using this and also perform administrative actions like Data Wipe, Lock, etc. Initially we will be concentrating on the iOS and Android devices and later we might support Windows devices as well. But, there is no solid ETA as of now for this feature.

Hi Tiele,

Are you facing trouble pulling data related to mobile devices from the SCCM into the probe?. If so, can you share the issues that you are facing so that we can take this as input and work on it?


No, it's getting the mobile devices into SCCM that's currently the problem. But I assume it's a 'knowledge probblem' ;-)

I'm very curious on the Mobile Device Management feature. Can't wait to implement!

Hello people of 2015. Has this feature been implemented or being so yet?

Hi Robby, 

The MDM feature was put on hold and is not planned for the near future. I'll update this thread if we decide to implement it. 



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