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Live update on ticket overview

When a ticket is modified or created, the ticket overview should refresh or at least warn the agent about this update. This prevents the need to manually refresh the page to see if any new tickets have arrived and improved the time a ticket can be picked up by a pending agent.

If you are working in a team of first-liners, when a ticket is 'picked' it should be removed from the view of another agent.

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I personally like the changes for refreshing that you have made. I agree where an auto refresh would get annoying. Having the notification bubble tell you what is new and giving you the option to update the page is great. Good job on this.

We often have two agents working on the same ticket and it is very frustrating. Using a system like this we shouldn't have to shout to colleagues that you are working on ticket XYZ or receive a call from the requester advising that they have had two responses.

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Hi Lorraine,

I believe the auto-refresh feature can solve for the usecase you've mentioned. Say agent A and B are both typing out a response on a ticket at the same time. If agent A sends out his response first, agent B will receive a live update that reads "1 New Conversation". Also, with the Agent Collision feature, Agent B will know which other agent(s) is currently viewing the ticket (attached screenshots for your reference). Let me know if this helps.  

Thank you for your response. We don't get anything like this, I have just tested this scenario with a colleague.

Sorry about that, Lorraine. We will get in touch with you to understand why you're unable to view live updates in your Freshservice account and resolve it as soon as possible. 

I also do not see the "Agent Collision feature" working on our IT HelpDesk either. I tested this with multiple agents in the same ticket at the same time and we do not see each other in the ticket.

We had the same problem with Freshservice, missing this basic feature is very frustrating. Unless if you upgrade your license, you won't get this feature added to your tenancy. Ask Freshservice to enable this feature for you (and I believe this should be a free feature included in all plans).

So no auto-refresh? We just switched from Quest KACE formally Dell KACE and the auto-refresh feature is not annoying it is a must if you work in an enterprise setting. I will script it myself if need be, but why not add something as simple as that? If you don't want it you should be able to leave it off, for those of us that do need/want it, we should have the ability to use it.

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