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Live update on ticket overview

When a ticket is modified or created, the ticket overview should refresh or at least warn the agent about this update. This prevents the need to manually refresh the page to see if any new tickets have arrived and improved the time a ticket can be picked up by a pending agent.

If you are working in a team of first-liners, when a ticket is 'picked' it should be removed from the view of another agent.

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Not only in the ticket overview/dashboard but also in the ticket itself it would be great have.


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Freshdesk gives a notification if the list needs updating. Surely this could be applied to Freshservice easily? It's not as good as actually updating the list but it would help. 

We've just moved from Freshdesk to Freshservice and we really miss this feature. 

This is a feature that's needed badly. For a system like this to not have it as I've discovered today is a big negative.
I've been using spiceworks and it has that basic refresh feature. Why can't freshservice have that?
We receive hundreds of emails everyday and depending on just email notification is not enough.

Having a webpage of my tickets open and when i'm assigned a ticket it should automatically show.

Please make this a priority

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This is absolutely needed!

Many others have this such feature as Zendesk, Spiceworks, ManageEngine and even Freshdesk. This should have been implemented years ago!!!

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We really miss this feature indeed. there are moments we "overrule" each other because 1 person didn't refresh. As we have FreshService open in a separate screen, its really annoying to refresh it manually.  

Seconding this is sorely needed, given how many other tools do this, including Freshdesk.

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Does anyone know if this feature is on the Freshservice road map?  

We have already asked Freshservice for this feature and here's their answer: 

(They call it Traffic Cop)

Auto-Ticket refresh feature is part of Freshdesk tool and we're working on to bring it to Freshservice.

We are working on a code merge from Freshdesk to Freshservice that will bring in this feature. But not sure about the timeline. 

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Seriously how long does this take. It's a very important feature!!! Using an Chrome autorefesh plugin is just a micky mouse solution to a bigger problem with a product used by enterprise.

There has to be some priority to this.

Not  to mention it's been 2 years since the original request!

We really need this!!!

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Would be very nice to see this function live in FreshService

Ridiculous that two years later and this VITAL functionality has not yet been implemented. I'm glad the code for this is coming to Freshservice from Freshdesk, but even worse is that you have to have an "Estate" plan or higher in Freshdesk. Worthless to us.

Make auto-refresh free on Freshservice when new tickets arrive. I hate having to use your mobile app just to do this, and even that is unreliable. We're going to be looking at a new service desk solution soon because of this issue. We can't have our "agents" remember to manually refresh the page all the time when they're working on other things during the day.


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Indeed this is needed ! 

i hate refresh button ! 

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