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Adding additional email aliases to existing requesters

We use google apps at our company so it is great that users have the option to log in to freshservice with their existing google accounts. However, many users here have at least 1 or 2 additional email aliases tied to their account. The issue is that if an existing requester replies to a ticket with their send as alias email, it creates a new requester since it does not know of their already existing account.

Is there a way to add additional email addresses to a requesters account so the system can associate it to the same user?

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Please, please, please can we have this?

We have many contacts who have multiple email addresses which creates multiple user records and makes things messy when they are inconsistent with which ones they use.

Freshdesk has this feature working now!

Please please add this feature to freshservice as soon as possible, otherwise our company would start looking for different service alternatives. I really believe freshservice can be our main helpdesk platform but we need to have this feature for it to be 100% approved.

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