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Assigning tasks to requestors

It would be great if you could assign tasks to requestors. Bit limiting having to first assign a user agent rights before assigning them tasks. 

The users i'm speaking of typically wouldn't be resolving tickets, but would be a dependency on an existing ticket in order for it to be completed.  

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Is this going to be made available to us? I would like to be able to assign tasks to requestors within tickets and projects.

I'd like the idea to be able to share the task with a requester. It will be helpful when scheduling a phone call. 

I like this idea as well, would be really helpful when assigned application owners to complete tasks for their application such as adding new users.

New to Freshservice and we have already identified this a helpful feature.  Would like to know if it is on the roadmap or not.


Thank you for the suggestions. Unfortunately, having the ability to assign a Task to a requester is not part of our near-term roadmap. We will evaluate the request and consider it for our future roadmap.

Thank you.



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