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 Notes and tasks are great features, but it would also be nice to have a checklist that could be added to a ticket so that different agents could easily update progress on the work. Examples would be a scenario where you are installing a new computer which has several specific steps for configuration according to our environment. Or troubleshooting checklists,  or account creation steps for an agent supporting network account creation.

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This has not been implemented the way we would like either. Would like to see the checklist available similar to spiceworks.

Hi FS team, any update on this checklist feature? Thanks,

We could do with this feature to. Creating tasks is ok, but not exactly getting what we need. 

Yes please. We need a checklist system to simplify our on-boarding procedure.


Has this feature been implemented as yet?


Cheynegray, it has not been implemented to anyone's satisfaction.

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Replying just for visibility.

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