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 Notes and tasks are great features, but it would also be nice to have a checklist that could be added to a ticket so that different agents could easily update progress on the work. Examples would be a scenario where you are installing a new computer which has several specific steps for configuration according to our environment. Or troubleshooting checklists,  or account creation steps for an agent supporting network account creation.

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Really can't say how useful this would be to us. I seems crazy that it was raised over 5 years ago and we are still no where nearer getting it.

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We need to get some type of answer on this.  It appears that there is a disconnect from Freshworks and the users.

In my case, I created a "scenario" to add a number of tasks to an incident.  That's proven to be a reasonable workaround.


I wanted to do this, and in some situations I will.  However I have a previous checklist app I built that has 40 items, PIA to map the tasks.

It's a decent product but do NOT use the forums as any kind of indication of what's coming to the product. As you see here, a feature request from 5 years ago is still not addressed. Features that you won't see requested anywhere suddenly are on the roadmap being implemented and yet other requests/issues/bugs sit untouched for years and years! It's about the slowest development cycle I've ever seen and the worst communication. We'd have left a while ago but currently too busy to research a new solution and migrate but once I have the time will be gone.

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So my experience with Fresh is much better than that so I'll throw my hat in here. I think there is definitely a miss here, but I don't think that's representative of Fresh as a whole. I think the issue may be with this being "implemented" and not being monitored or something like that. Assuming positive intent, maybe we should start a new thread and clarify the need. For me, I need the checklists to prevent the ticket from being closed unless the tasks are all complete.What are the other requirements, lets put something together and start a new request. 

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I am wanting to help unify our requests a little more by starting a User Group. If anyone is interested placate email me at This would NOT be a group to bash Freshworks just to make more unified requests for features and changes.

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I agree Jeff. I feel like Freshworks is pretty good at updating the product, but I do see a lot of requests that have been out there for years so I think the continuation of making requests and rerequests will have to continue until they have a better method for making requests and communicating than just forums.

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My requirements are simple, and do not even go so far as to workflow.  

A simple to manage checklist that can be automatically created from a template for items that have repetative tasks. 

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@patrick - Does creating a checklist automation not meet your needs? if THIS TICKET TYPE, then add CHECKLIST as tasks? If not, which part of it does not meet the need? 

@Jeff,  It is difficult to manage the list of tasks.  I would perfer an easy to manage interface for the checklist, something similar to what is used for categories would be ideal.  Here is one example.  I have an app used for a checklist of all items a PC tech needs to do to setup a PC; that is about 40 items.  That list changes frequently, and is maintained by a Sysadmin.  If they want to add or remove an item in FreshService they would have to go into the workflow and modify a workflow instead of just a list.

One task, with a list of checkboxes would be ideal for me.

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Bump.  This seems like it should be a simple thing to implement and not at all the same as a child ticket or task.

I just found the most comprehensive description of why we need checklists.  It comes from an Airtable story.  Whilst the IT needs are not usually life-saving, it sure can reduce stress. Come on Freshservice, give us what we want! (please). The link to the article is at

Rudy is a fan of Atul Gawande’s book, The Checklist Manifesto. In the book, author and surgeon Atul Gawande tells the story of a three-year old girl who was saved after drowning. The girl was unresponsive, showing no sign of life, for over an hour and a half. Yet a small team in a local hospital in the alps of Austria not only resuscitated the child, they did so in such an efficient manner that she eventually regained full health.

As Gawande explains, "To save this one child, scores of people had to carry out thousands of steps correctly." While each task required surgical skills, the necessity of following every step was literally a matter of life or death. "The degree of difficulty in any one of these steps is substantial. Then you must add the difficulties of orchestrating them in the right sequence, with nothing dropped."

This, for Gawande and for Rudy, is part of the power of a checklist. A checklist removes the burden of figuring out what’s sequential. It creates order and ensures nothing gets forgotten.

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