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Show & Hide additional columns from fields in CMDB

We have a number of categories in the CMDB that have custom fields. Unfortunately as FreshService only show static columns from inbuilt fields it makes it difficult to visually see custom fields in a full list especially when some fields maybe crucial. Having to select each asset to view details is troublesome and exporting the full list is annoying.

Please introduce selectable columns!

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+1 ! :)


Asset views and customising columns in CMDB is planned for early Q4, 2016. You will be able to choose the columns you want to display in the CMDB once this feature is deployed. 


Freshservice Product Team

Any update on this? it is relevant to my interests. 

Hi Janra,

We are on schedule to release the custom views and column customisation feature this quarter. We'll share more updates here in the coming weeks in the run up to the feature launch. 

Meanwhile, please do check out the What's new in Freshservice section for more information on the product feature updates.


Freshservice Product Team

is there any update on being able to customize columns?

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Hi Fresh Service:

You have any update for this great improvement?

Same for me when this new functionnality will be develop ?


Hello everyone!

Thanks for your patience.  We are in the final stretch of developing column customizer for the asset list. I'll update this thread once the feature is released.

Meanwhile, here's a preview of the feature...


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great news! can't wait to see it in action!

Is this going to be rolled out in Tickets as well?  It is DESPERATELY NEEDED for agents to be able to view ticket data in filterable (editable, if possible) columns vs. the current email preview layout.

+1 Looking forward to this feature and particularly adding the Asset State column to sort and filter against this.

Hello All,

Column customizer is now available for the Asset list in Freshservice. Please do give it a try and share your feedback. 

You can read more about this feature here


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Great! Really thank you Mohana Sidhaarth


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