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Filtering Tickets

Just a few requests regarding filtering tickets:

I'd like to see the option to filter using is/isn't statements. For example, I could filter out tickets that are a specific topic, but leave all the rest.

Also, I'd love to be able to see a "none" for filters. Similar to how there's an "any" option. That way I could find any uncategorized tickets and categorize them. I'm a type A in that way. :)


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Agreed, the isn't (or not) concept would be very helpful in the Category field.

And a "none" option is also very helpful for finding tickets where a non-required field is missing, but you want to know that.


This I'm missing a lot.

What do you mean about value "none". I could not find that option.

Custom dropdown looks like this in filters. So there is no "none" option.


On tiket it's normal dropdown.


Sorry,Esa. There seem to be a mixup here. The feature is available in Freshdesk - our customer support helpdesk offering. 


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