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Integration with Sharepoint

Hello, is there a way to integrate FreshService with Sharepoint?

This would be a really helpful feature to have

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I have imbedded the Feedback Widget in my SharePoint master page, and it works pretty well. The only other thing you have to do is apply this to your CSS file to prevent it from showing in dialog boxes:

.ms-dialog .freshwidget-theme {display:none;}

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I'm very interested in this SharePoint-Freshservice integration.  I understand that the Feedback Widget can be added to SharePoint to allow for a ticket to be created in SharePoint then sent and created in FreshService.  But what about the communication back from FreshService to SharePoint? or what about when a ticket's info gets updated either in SharePoint, how does the FreshService ticket get updated? or vise versa.

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There is no "integration" with SharePoint, in that there is no communication between the two products. There is only the ability to add the code for the feedback widget to your masterpage, or to a code snippet web part on a specific page if you only want it on one page.

The limitation of this, and it's a pretty big one, is that all of your helpdesk content has to be public for people to be able to search it from the widget on SharePoint. If you have private content that requires the user to log in to view it, or access Freshservice from a specific IP, it will not appear on the widget search. I had to make all of our content public, which I am not terribly thrilled about.

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